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This xlights sequence includes Mario gifs and faces. ** 8/25/2020 ** Added Lyrics and Singing Bulbs!

Music is sold separately, there is a link below the album art.

This song took about 21 hours to sequence with xlights.



v1.00 - 8/2/2020 

Initial Release 

v1.01 - 8/3/2020 

Updated with info file and change log 

v1.05 - 8/6/2020 

Fixed Group mapping error. Horizontal group had verticle elements. 

v1.10 - 8/7/2020 

Fixed Flood Lights, renamed group to flood lights from spot lights. Fixed Flood Light Colors. 

v1.20 - 8/25/2020 

Watch the video in the download for changes Added more color effects in the middle of the show Fixed Candy Cane alignment Added lyrics Added Singing Faces Added more groups Fixed Flood Light Colors. Singing Face Model -

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