Some Questions that we always get asked.

Q. How long have you been programming music to sync with your Christmas lights?

A. 2013 was the first year that we put the Christmas lights to music however at the time we lived in Lawton, Oklahoma.  2017 will be the first year in Syracuse Utah. 



Q. What is your electric bill like during the month of December?
A. Each year it goes up as I continue to add more lights. About 75 % of my lights are LED, trying to get toward 100%. Last year our bill was about $35 higher, but it’s hard to say due to the blizzard that we had on Christmas day.

Q. When do you start decorating for Christmas?
A. We start setting up for the Halloween show October 1st and then the Christmas show on November 2nd. Although it seems too early, I can assure you it is not. Each year we are adding more and to make sure that everything is perfect, requires a lot of time. I am still working 5 days a week as well.

Q. How long does it take to set up the display?
The Halloween display takes about 7-14 days to set up, and the Christmas display takes about 14-21 days. Once the display is set up then testing begins, making sure everything is ready for the “Christmas Open House” the day after Thanksgiving. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Q. Do you do this for a living?
A. No. Everyone seems to think that. I’ve seen the “light shows” on youtube and thought, “I could do that”, so here we are.

Q. Why do you do this?
A. It's so much fun to see the kid's faces light up, collect donations for a local youth group, and to bring family and friends together. Why not!

Q. Aren’t you worried about vandals?
Yes, but we have security cameras that cover the whole yard and signs to inform people that there are cameras. Hopefully, this will deter vandals.